Courage in the Field
Start Harry Abingdon
End Harry Abingdon
Rewards500 Experience
ChainCourage in the Field
Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver (2)
Trash Canyon
Trash Canyon (2)
In The Mine
Courage, Deep Down
Courage, Deep Down (2)
Courage in the Breach
Courage in the Breach (2)
Back Into the Mine
Time to Get Paid
Hero of the Overlook
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaClinton FARM


1. Kill 5 Blade Dancer Trainees

2. Return for your reward


Courage in the Field
Harry Abingdon in Clinton FARM wants you to kill five Blade Dancer Trainees near town.



Oh, you're one of those clones. Been seeing more and more of you lot around here.
Mission-What gave it away?

That collar thing you got on. I heard all about 'em. I hear you clones even come back when you die! That's pretty great stuff, huh?
Mission-Did you want something?

Well, if you're looking for work, I might be able to help you.
Mission-Keep talking.

There's this gang, see, called the Blade Dancers. They froced us out of the Bramby Mine, and they've been attacking us ever since. We're in a bad spot, for sure. But someone like you might be able to fight them...because speaking for myself, I'm too scared of dying. What do you think?
Mission-Yeah, fine, I'll go fight some Blade Dancers. Where are they?

Great! Don't worry about clearing them out of the mine yet; we're going for the Trainees first. They should be easy pickings for a clone like you.


You get those Blade Dancers already?

Courage in the Field
You got 'em? Good. They didn't deserver any better. That should let us move to the next step -- figuring out what the heck they're doing down in that mine.


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