Crucial Announcement
EndFranklin Grimes
Rewards500 Experience
ChainThe Truth Lies Within
The Devil You Know
The Truth Lies Within (2)
A Pound of Flesh
The Truth Lies Within (3)
Thirst for Knowledge
The Truth Lies Within (4)
Code of Honor
Crucial Announcement
Crucial Announcement (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaTerance LifeNet Bunker
Requirement(s)Level 2


Return to Grimes


Crucial Announcement
TETRAX has asked you to return to Franklin Grimes and collect a battery from him.



So LifeNet believes she can keep me locked up down here? Perhaps that is true for now...but I have a message for her, and I want you to deliver it.
Mission-I guess I've come this far, don't want to quit now.

You have met my new friend Grimes, no? He has directed you to me as I asked. I have given him a battery, you need to take it from him and seek out the radio transmitter in Terance. The battery should provide just enough power for me to send one transmission. Do this for me...and know that I shall prevail.
Mission-I will do it.


Did you see? Did you see the greatness that is TETRAX?
Mission-Yea, but...

IT DOESN'T MATTER! I know the words that threaten to spill from your lips! "It's jsut a machine," you'll say, or "I'm covered in Digger guts," you'll say, or "You really need to get a hobby," you'll say! You cannot unsee what has been seen, or unhear what has been heard!
MissionVActually TETRAX said you needed to giMissionVe me a battery.


Crucial Announcement
You mean he has chosen you? HE has chosen YOU?


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