Darkened Veils
StartJohn Doe
EndJohn Doe
Rewards500 Experience
30 Chips
10x Bedspin Whiskey
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaTerance LifeNet Bunker


1. Kill Black Hood Thug
2. Return for your reward


"John Doe" in Terace wants you to find the Black Hood thug in the underground complex and kill him.


John Doe: So while down in this dump I found out something disturbing: the Black Hood has sent one of their thugs down here! He's probably right around the corner, scooping all the valuable junk into a gunny sack. And you know what I won't be able to with the junk he takes? Sell it for my own profit!

Look, normally I'd take care of this kind of thing myself...but the Travelers have a code. A Brenhauer messes with a Black Hood directly, there'll be retribution. But you're not a Traveler, are you? Do me a solid -- go find that asshole and blow a few holes in him, will you?


Good job. Good job. He's not taking anything anywhere now.

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