Dawn of the Rotten
StartSpecialist Johnson
EndGeorge R. Omeros
Rewards500 Experience
200 Chips
ChainDawn of the Rotten
Once Bitten
Once Bitten (2)
Day of the Infected
Day of the Infected (2)
Of Hope and Buried Chemicals
Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse (2)
28 Minutes Later
28 Minutes Later (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat
Requirement(s)Level 38


Dawn of the Rotten
Mission-Talk to Omeros

Specialist Johnson in Trader's Flat wants you to speak with George Omeros stationed at an observation post near Buxton to the northeast.
500 Experience
200 Chips



We have a situation developing to the northeast in a small town called Buxton. We sent a contractor there to establish an observation post, and his reports have been highly irregular and disturbing. The town council and I agree that sending aid to the area is within budgetary constraints. Should you agree, we are pleased to offer very generous compensation including weaponry and currency.
Mission-That depends. What's going on in Buxton?
Mission-Chips and guns. You're talking my language.
MissionXI'm not interested

Our information is limited, but the local LifeNet center seems to be spawning deformed clones, and the center has yet to repair itself. I can confirm that the survivor rate of the original town inhabitants is now zero. We are concerned that the population of the deformed clones is also increasing. This will be a dangerous situation, but as a clone yourself, you are in a far better position than we are to investigate and remedy the problem.
Mission-If the LifeNet center is creating rotters, there should be a Graham clone in the area.
Mission-I've dealt with rotters before. I'll take the job.
MissionXI don't have time for this.

Like I said, the center has made no attempt to repair itself. We believe this may be a sign of a bigger issue or at least an alteration in the automatic behavior of LifeNet. Due to the dangers present on-site, we believe sending a clone to aid the people already stationed at the observation post is the best course of action.
MissionXI'm not interested.

The main contact for the base of operations is an ex-Enforcer colonel named George Omeros. He has a small hand-picked team of researches in the area already. Aid Omeros in any way possible and return to us with detailed information on the situation.
Mission-I'll do it.
MissionXMaybe later.


Clone, get the hell out of here, NOW! As far away from this damn place as you can.
Mission-I was sent here by Specialist Johnson.
MissionXFine, see ya.

Why does Johnson keep sending clones out this way? She gets my reports and still sends you clones out here to kill us.
Mission-I'm here to help figure out the LifeNet problem.
MissionXWhatever. I'm leaving

There is no goddamned LifeNet Problem. Doesn't that woman understand my reports? The problem is some genetic infection in the area causing dead clone bodies to animate and rip people to shreds. The clones make it out of here just fine, regenerating in the nearby - fully functional - LifeNet chamber. But every time they die, the infection has another corpse to use. All the other clones eventually gave up and left us here to deal with their discarded meat sacks wandering around looking for blood.
Mission-Dead clone bodies are returning to life seeking human victims?
MissionXThanks for the heads up. I'm out of here.

I wouldn't call it life. First thing they do is evacuate some sort of sludge-like fluid - we call this rot - out of every opening in their bodies. Then they start to crawl around aimlessly. This is the point we find it is easiest to slay them, and we try to keep their numbers down by doing just that. If we don't catch them at that state, they rise to their feet and are damn near impossible to kill. Bullets don't seem to phase them.
MissionVIs there any way I can help?
MissionXOkay. Good luck.


Dawn of the Rotten
If you want to be of use, the first thing to do is find a way to protect yourself from infection. Schindler there has formulated a disease antibody injection, but it's only a temporary solution - a shot you'll need to administer each time you get infected. I'll let him explain what you need.
500 Experience
200 Chips


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