Desperate Need
FactionShiva's Favored
Mission ItemsShiva's Favored Serum
Rewards500 Experience
+500 Shiva's Favored Faction
1x Golok Machete
ChainDesperate Need
A New Friend, Again
Dire Need
A Curse on the Blessed
Back to Tabara
Still in Need
Always in Need
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest


Desperate Need
Mission-Retrieve the Shiva's Favored Serum.
Mission-Return for your reward

Roxxa in Tabara wants you to recover the Shiva's Favored Serum from the Shiva's Blessed outpost to the northwest.
500 Experience
+500 Shiva's Favored Reputation
Items you will receive:
1x Golok Machete



Please, make yourself comfortable. Petru has told you much, but you have much to learn. We need your help if we are going to survive.
Mission-Tell me more.
MissionXI'm not interested in your problems.

We became what we are to survive. Our ancestors were scientists who were brought here from far away by GlobalTech. During the Fall, they used their knowledge to save themselves. If not for these changes, they would have perished. They had to adapt.
Mission-How can I help you?
MissionXYou're all beasts and should be put down.

When we are out of the Wastes the changes stop, but without any pollutants we soon die. Pure air and earth are poisonous to us. For a long while we hoped to pollute your lands just enough, so that we could survive and the mutations would stop. We have since learned that this path is folly.

The continual battles between our people weaken us both No, what we must do is find a way for our people to survive in your lands, without pollutants.

We have developed a serum that keeps us alive for a while. Unfortunately another group, those who call themselves the Shiva's Blessed, haved stolen the serum from us. The Shiva's Blssed revel in the changes wrought upon them. They do not care that they are being reduced to primal beasts.

Can you recover this serum for us?
MissionVI will recoMissionVer the serum for you.
MissionXNo way. I'm not helping you!


Desperate Need
We truly can't thank you enough. Now the real work begins.
500 Experience
+500 Shiva's Favored Reputation
Items you will receive:
1x Golok Machete


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