Divided Faith
StartLightbearer Questor
EndUpon killing all Outsider Guards
ChainDivided Faith
Future Faith
Faith in Technology
Faith in Secrets
Faith in Light
Faith in Blood
Faith in Radiation
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County
AreaEpsilon Lightbearer Camp


Divided Faith
Mission-Find the location
Mission-Defend your position (4 Waves of 3 Outsider Guards)

Investigate the GlobalTech Facility for information on Shiva.



What path are you on?
Mission-What do you mean?
MissionXI'll deal with that later.

We've started down a dark path. Shakti saw us as the caretakers of a broken world, but look at what we have become. We kill those we used to protect and fight among ourselves over who the truly blessed should be. I don't even know who we are anymore, but being a Lightbearer has to mean more than this
Mission-What should I do?
MissionXI'll come back, we'll talk then.

We must decide who we are - who you are. It is you who will shape the future of the Lightbearers. You and all the clones who joined our ranks. Shakti would have us track down the Shiva virus and eliminate the source of so much suffering. Our current leaders want the virus to spread it and reshape the canyon for mutants only.
Mission-So either way we have to find the virus.
MissionXLet me think about that for a bit.

Yes. Either path starts with the virus. It is no coincidence we moved into this area when the winds changed. No matter what our future is, the Lightbearer's past begins with GlobalTech.
Mission-I'll start tracking it down then.
MissionXI'll look into that later.


Divided Faith
The Outsiders don't seem to want anyone digging around here, there must be something useful.


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