Do No Harm
StartDoc Gail Ferrara
EndSurvivalist Leader
Mission ItemsDisease Cure
Rewards100 Experience
ChainDo No Harm
Do No Harm (2)
Do No Harm (3)
Do No Harm (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSouth Burb
Requirement(s)Level 2


Do No Harm
Mission-Take treatment to Survivalist Leader

Doc Gail Ferrara in South Burb wants you to deliver a batch of disease treatment to a Survivalist Leader.



People are suffering all over the Plateau, and yet some of the Vistas believe only certain people are worth saving. Well, I believe otherwise. I believe that everyone is worth saving. Maybe if we offered a helping hand to some of the raiders and outcasts they will become more civilized... I don't know.... What I do know is that I can't let people suffer and not help them.

A terrible disease is ravaging the Survivalists who have settled near South Burb. One of them came to me, begging for help about a week ago, but he died before I was able to cure him. However, I did learn enough about the disease to improvise a cure. I have since made contact with one of their leaders and I offered to give them a supply of the drug. He's agreed to meet, but only well away from the other Survivalists. I really need to make more and every minute away from here means less of the drug I can manufacture. Would you mind delivering this first batch for me?
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Do No Harm
Thank you stranger. Most people are not willing to help our kind. We will not soon forget your kindness.


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