Group Mission IconDouble Duty
StartLauren Grantham
EndLauren Grantham
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsDuty Roster
Rewards500 Experience
200 Chips
1x ZI Kommando KM-45A
ChainBook It
Hit the Books
Hit the Books (2)
Read Them Like a Book
Read Them Like a Book (2)
In Their Bad Books
In Their Bad Books (2)
One for the Books
One for the Books (2)
Renegade State
Renegade State (2)
The State of Affairs
The State of Affairs (2)
State's Evidence
State's Evidence (2)
Evidentiary Burden
Evidentiary Burden (2)
Double Duty
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaRaven's Roost


Double Duty
Mission-Locate Duty Roster
Mission-Return for your reward

search Karaul Seung's quarters for the Enforcer duty roster and return to Lauren Patrick near Raven's Roost.
500 Experience
200 Chips
Items you will receive:
1x ZI Kommando KM-45A



holy shit! Now I see why the White Crow wanted this list! Look at the notes. This list shows which Enforcers were at Hoover Dam when it fell. More importantly, it shows who stayed loyal to Alec Masters and who left.
Mission-Why is that important?

Well, if you're Aro Sei, and you want to rebuild the empire that toppled when Masters fell, wouldn't you want to know who to approach for help? Look here, for example. That's Major Andrew Parker. I've heard he's one of the higher-ups in the Enforcers. According to this list, he was loyal to Masters to the very end.
Mission-What should I do with the roster?

I'll try to get it past the wall into Shackleton. Their newspaper is famous. We'll tell the whole damn world. If nothing else, people should know that all these assholes running around pretending to be Enforcers are really White Crow.
MissionVGood luck.


Evidentiary Burden (2)
I'll try to contact one of my friend there and take care of everything. Thank you for your help.
500 Experience
200 Chips
Items you will receive:
1x ZI Kommando KM-45A


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