Dramatis Personae
StartFrancine's Black Hood Agent
EndSuki Oonishi
Rewards50 Experience
ChainThe Play's the Thing
The Play's the Thing (2)
The Play's the Thing (3)
Closet Drama
Closet Drama (2)
Closet Drama (3)
Experimental / Improv
Experimental / Improv (2)
Experimental / Improv (3)
Dramatis Personae
Dramatis Personae (2)
Dramatis Personae (3)
Act Three
- Talk to Enzo (Bleeding Orchids)
- Watch Slammer Dispense Justice (Bleeding Orchids)
Act Three (2)
Act Three (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaDepot 66
Requirement(s)Level 2


Talk to Suki Oonishi


The Black Hood agent in Depot 66 wants you to deliver a message to Suki Oonishi.


Francine's Black Hood Agent:

Listen up, you. I can't stand Suki Oonishi. You tell her I know she's been holding out on Enzo, and now that she's after Francine too I'm gonna put her below snakes. If she wants to live she can try handing over a cut of her take to me. Otherwise I'm likely to go straight to Enzo. And tell Oonishi to stop trying to talk like some goddamn Lightbearer. The woman is crazy.


He answers with threats? So be it.

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