Dramatis Personae (2)
StartSuki Oonishi
EndSuki Oonishi
Rewards500 Experience
19 Chips
ChainThe Play's the Thing
The Play's the Thing (2)
The Play's the Thing (3)
Closet Drama
Closet Drama (2)
Closet Drama (3)
Experimental / Improv
Experimental / Improv (2)
Experimental / Improv (3)
Dramatis Personae
Dramatis Personae (2)
Dramatis Personae (3)
Act Three
- Talk to Enzo (Bleeding Orchids)
- Watch Slammer Dispense Justice (Bleeding Orchids)
Act Three (2)
Act Three (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaDepot 66
Requirement(s)Level 2


1.a Kill Francine Gerber
1.b Kill Francine's Black Hood Agent
2. Return for your reward


Suki Oonishi in Depot 66 wants you to kill Francine and her Black Hood agent, who have fled Depot 66 and are heading north.


Suki Oonishi: I might have used guile as my chief weapon against Enzo and his harridan, and avoided further bloodshed. Now I think that the Black Hoods need to learn better than to trifle with the Bleeding Orchid Garden. Their day is past and ours is just beginning. It is time to act decisively. Two must die: This Black Hood and Francine herself.

Francine heard of my intentions, though, and she and her despicable crony are attempting to flee to the north. Chase them down!


Well done. Here is your reward. I have one more task for you.

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