Drunken Tales (3)
StartMelvin Rattle
EndMelvin Rattle
Rewards200 Experience
ChainSomething Wicked
Something Wicked (2)
Drunken Tales
Drunken Tales (2)
Drunken Tales (3)
A Key to Knowledge
A Key to Knowledge (2)
Get Dem Bones
Get Dem Bones (2)
Get Dem Bones (3)
Down the Well
Down the Well (2)
Down the Well (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest


Drunken Tales (3)
Mission-Obtain 1 Tanner's Whiskey
Mission-Return for your reward

Get another bottle of Tanner's Whiskey for Melvin Rattle.
200 Experience



Where was I? Oh yes... bout five years after the Vistas got this place runnin' all right an' proper... THEY showed uup. They never showed themselves, to be sure... but they was there all the same. The whole feel of th'place started ta change. At first a few folks gone missin'. Den some o' those who gone mishin' come back... only they ain't quite the same. They don't talk much an' tend ta keep to themselves.

Everthing changed... that'sh fer sure. Then one night... WOOSH! Half the folk done gone missin'. After that... well.. not much after that. Them Vishtas mostly packed up an' moved out. Only a few of ush stayed behind. Pashtor Lucas.... he stayed... he kept those of who stayed goin'. Shlowly... Tannerfield got bigger again. Stray folks'd stop for a time and stick. Over the lasht couple years we been growin' and growin'. Mostly they been encouragin' that. Y'know... THEM. They needs ush, after all... they needs ush...

Ya don't happen ta have another bottle o' that sweet shine, do ya?
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Drunken Tales (3)
I can't be sayin' mush more. They gets mad... don' wanna gesh 'em mad.
200 Experience


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