Entering the Codes
StartUpon completing Rage Against the Machine (5)
EndMain Power
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsCode Piece
Smelly Code Piece
Slimy Code Piece
Dirty Code Piece
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
ChainRage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine (2)
Rage Against the Machine (3)
Rage Against the Machine (4)
Rage Against the Machine (5)
Entering the Codes
Lost Power
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaNew Toro


1.a Obtain the Code Piece
1.b Obtain the Smelly Code Piece
1.c Obtain the Slimy Code Piece
1.d Obtain the Dirty Code Piece

2. Return for your reward


Collect four pieces of the code and tehn return to the main power computer station in the lower levels of New Toro. The last code piece is held by a Mutant Slavemaster. (Marked Steve can help you recover any of the other pieces you may have lost.)


Main Power:

This system controls the power stations's ability to allow or deny power through outside lines. Entering the code will correctly toggle the power on and off. Currently it is on. If you have all four pieces of the code, you can turn it off.


You enter the code into the main power computer system one piece at a time. The screen flashes a few times then reports that the main capacitors and export lines are now disabled. You should return to Scourge in Trumbull and let her know that this power will belong to none of the factions.

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