Group Mission IconExpendable Clone Needed
StartSheriff Hank Yates
EndDavid Warder
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards500 Experience
240 Chips
+1500 Enforcer Faction
ChainExpendable Clone Needed
Triple Threat: Shiva's Strike
Triple Threat: Devil's Cross
Triple Threat: CHOTA Trouble
Triple Threat: CHOTA Trouble (2)
Triple Threat: CHOTA Trouble (3)
Triple Threat: CHOTA Trouble (4)
Triple Threat: Shiva's Last Stand
Triple Threat: Shiva's Last Stand (2)
Triple Threat: Shiva's Last Stand (3)
The Sheriff's Gratitude
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaPost 23
Requirement(s)Level 15
I've heard some fine things about you. Thanks for all you've done so far for the Enforcers. Are you up for a particularly difficult task?
Mission-No need to thank me sir. Just doing my duty.
MissionXNot just yet.

Hell, no one made you put your clone neck on the line for us. Even with one of those fancy collars, I bet getting killed doesn't feel too good, does it?
Mission-You don't talk like the other Enforcers. Sir.
MissionXI don't have time for this.

You can cut out that "sir" business. I may be a Major, but I'm not in love with all that military hierarchy. Way I see it, there are leaders and followers, and I never met a real leader who needed a fancy title to get people to follow. I just go by Sheriff Yates. I work to keep the peace, and I'd rather be known for that than for thinking I'm better than the other soldiers here.
Mission-Well, what can I do for you, Sheriff?
MissionXTalk to you later.

The Enforcers have a checkpoint setup not too far away from here, and I have reports from David Warder about some serious shit going down. They can use all the help they can get.
MissionVI'll do it. Just tell me how to find this place.
MissionXI think I need to consider this before I volunteer.

Expendable Clone Needed
Mission-Speak to David Warder

Sheriff Hank Yates in Post 23 wants you to head to the Enforcer checkpoint and speak with David Warder.
500 Experience
240 Chips
+1500 Enforcer Reputation



The Sheriff sent you? We're out here expecting an army to show and the Sheriff just sends you? I hope you're up for this.
MissionVI'm ready.
MissionXI'll be right back.


Glad to have your help then.

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