Experimental / Improv (2)
StartSuki Oonishi
EndSuki Oonishi
Mission ItemsEnzo's Accounting Book
Rewards500 Experience
19 Chips
ChainThe Play's the Thing
The Play's the Thing (2)
The Play's the Thing (3)
Closet Drama
Closet Drama (2)
Closet Drama (3)
Experimental / Improv
Experimental / Improv (2)
Experimental / Improv (3)
Dramatis Personae
Dramatis Personae (2)
Dramatis Personae (3)
Act Three
- Talk to Enzo (Bleeding Orchids)
- Watch Slammer Dispense Justice (Bleeding Orchids)
Act Three (2)
Act Three (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaDepot 66
Requirement(s)Level 2


1. Steal Enzo Scarpelli's account book
2. Return for your reward


Suki Oonishi in Depot 66 wants you to break into Enzo Scarpelli's house and steal his account book. Be on the lookout for guards.


Suki Oonishi: Many Travelers here believe that Enzo Scarpelli's leadership is necessary to their prosperity. They must see the error fo this. Can you be swift and quiet? Slip into Enzo Scarpelli's house and bring me back his book of accounts. When they have seen it they will know how he cheats and gouges them.

Have a care, though. He may have posted a security detail.


This will show everyone in Depot 66 how Enzo Scarpelli cheats them.

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