Experimental Nightmare
StartProfessor Atom Lossy
EndUpon completing the goals
Rewards1000 Experience
+750 Tech Faction
ChainExperimental Nightmare
The Theoretician Doctor
Theory Crafting
Theoretical Investigation
Never Reactivate Old Ruins
Cause and Effect
Theoretical Results
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County
AreaDaedalan Field Camp
Requirement(s)Level 50


Experimental Nightmare
Mission-0/5 Peculiar Plant Sample
Mission-0/5 Peculiar Creature Sample

Professor Atom Lossy stationed at the Daedalan Field Camp wants you to collect samples of the mutated widlife in Alpha Zone.


Rate of cellular regeneration...abnormal. Genetic deviation...unpredictable. Increasing the dosage of taspherane to eight fluid ounces. Rate of cellular decay...instantaneous. Damn it.
Mission-What's going on?
MissionXOkay...I'll just mind my own business.

I'm trying to reverse the effects of the chemicals that were used on these rotting pieces of botanical matter. But everything I've tried has no effect or just completely destroys the sample.
Mission-All right, I'm guessing you need more samples then?
MissionXThat's too bad. Hope you have better luck neMissionXt time.

Precisely. I'll need cross-sections from various wildlife roaming around, too. The Daedalans have their hands full keeping the metazoa and flora from eating us alive to worry about viable samples.
MissionVI'm on it.
MissionXWhat? You want me to deal with those freaks of nature, too? To hell with that!


Experimental Nightmare
<OVER THE RADIO> Professor Atom Lossy: Appologies for hacking into your collar's audio transmitter. There's been a change of plans. I found trace amounts of a particulate substance that's not been logged in any of our databases. I'll need you to deliver the specimens you've collected to my superior, Doctor Hadron Toru.
1000 Experience
+750 Tech Reputation


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