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Falling Star
StartJudge Elliot Mann
EndJudge Walker Cairns
Rewards100 Experience
5 Chips
ChainFalling Star
Building a Foundation
Building a Foundation (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
Requirement(s)Level 2


Falling Star
Mission-.pngTalk to Judge Walker Cairns

Judge Elliot Mann in Mumford wants you to speak to Judge Walker Cairns.
100 Experience
5 Chips



And the heavens opened up and showed me the way to our salvation. I followed the falling star to the south and upon arriving at this abandoned town I knew it was destiny. Though the fallen star burned my flesh I prayed beside it for three days and three nights. It was then that the demons came. They came from the sky riding upon dragons and spewed forth their vile pods upon the ground. I hid in the desert and watched as they milled about the place like larva on rotten flesh. I prayed in the desert for them to leave and on the sixth day my prayers were answered. Their great dragons flew down from the sky and as quickly as they arrived they were gone, leaving behind their vile pods.
Mission-.pngSo, you founded Mumford?
MissionX.pngYou're crazy!

Yes, when I first came here there were none. After the departure of the demons I sent word to my brothers who have come to aid me in rebuilding this place. We welcome all who would seek a new life of salvation.
Mission-.pngWhy is the town called Mumford?
MissionX.pngOK, I've heard enough of the crazy talk.

It is the name this place has been given. So it was once before, and so it shall be again.
Mission-.pngWhat about these pods you were rambling about?
MissionX.pngRiiiight, OK, enough of this.

The demons lived in strange pods that they grew from the earth. These places are evil and we have decreed none shall live in that profane place.
Mission-.pngSo, do you have anything else you want to tell me about this place?
MissionX.pngYou are completely batty.

If you wish to help here, you should speak with Judge Walker Cairns. I have given him the task of rebuilding this church in our own fashion, so that we might have a place for our congregation to gather. I know that he is in need of assistance and I think you might be the one to help him.
MissionV.pngSure. As long as it pays well.
MissionX.pngNo way I'm working for a bunch of loonies!


You are welcome in this house of healing.

Falling Star
If Elliot sent you then you must be a person of true faith and conviction.
100 Experience
5 Chips