Group Mission IconFighting Our Nature
StartDana Wright
EndDana Wright
TypeGroup Mission
Rewards500 Experience
50 Chips
+750 Vista Faction
320x Heavy Pistol Ammunition
400x Medium Pistol Ammunition
480x Light Pistol Ammunition
ChainFighting Our Nature
- Belladonna
- Devil's Pride
- Dogbane and Skinwalker
- Firethorn
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County
AreaUnspoiled Grove
Requirement(s)Level 50
The Unspoiled Grove is under constant siege from the infected creatures that inhabit the ashen wilderness. While I hate to sacrifice innocent wildlife, it's an unfortunate inevitability that uninfected flora and fauna will die in our attempts to save the entire province. If you join our cause, I'd like you to eliminate some creatures that have proven more troublesome than their worth.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

Fighting Our Nature
Mission-- Belladonna
Mission-- Devil's Pride
Mission-- Dogbane and Skinwalker
Mission-- Firethorn

Dana Wright in the Unspoiled Grove wants you to kill Belladonna the bear, Devil's Pride the lion, skindogs Dogbane and Skinwalker, and Firethorn the porkupine.
500 Experience
50 Chips
+750 Vista Reputation



We shall mourn the loss of such noble beasts. If only they could have been born in a better place. If only we could have been born in a better place.

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