Filling the Vault
StartTia Riley
EndTia Riley
Mission ItemsOld Magazines
Rewards600 Experience
+500 Bankers Faction
ChainFilling the Vault
Stashing Memories
Mr. Snuggles
Medical History
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaPre-Fall Relic Museum


1. Acquire the Old Magazines

2. Return for your reward


Filling the Vault
Tia Riley, a former Traveler who now wants to be curator of the Pre-Fall Relic Museum north of Docuer's Court, wants you to collect artifacts her scouts noticed during a survey of the region. Your first target: some old magazines.



I really need your help. Not too long ago, I was a Traveler. Then the Moros Family got linked to this crazy-ass drug called Storm. I didn't mind that it hurt the Enforcers, but when I heard about our friends in the CHOTA and the Techs dying without the families doing enough to step up and stop it, I broke off on my own.

The Bankers are giving me a chance to run this new Pre-Fall Relix Museum. Luckily, our scouts have spied some decent artifacts. Maybe you could start hauling them in for me?
MissionVTell me more.


Filling the Vault
"Fifteen Ways to Keep Your Man?" "Ten Things I Hate About Shoes?" These are the big problems people had to worry about day to day before the Fall?


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