Filthy Lucre
StartJohn Doe
EndJohn Doe
Rewards500 Experience
25 Chips
10x Fried Prairie Chicken
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaTerance LifeNet Bunker


1. Obtain 8 Scrap Gears
2. Return for your reward


John Doe in the underground complex outside of Terance wants you to scavenge scrap gears from around the complex.


John Doe: Nowadays Terance is no place for a decent human being. I know that. I mean, it's dangerous as bloody hell, but still...there's so much PROFIT to be had ehre. I can't stay away! I can SMELL it. And since you are already down here you can grab some of that profit for yourself, too. How, you ask? just grab up some of the loose gears, and bring it to me! Cake and pie. Y'know? Easy as cake. Piece of pie.

...I've never really understood that saying.


John Doe:

Were you followed?


Chips! Yes! Chips out the wazoo! I'm rich!

Oh, and's your cut.

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