Final Solution
StartDane Rawson
EndUpon staying at the waypoint.
Rewards50 Experience
ChainNo Place Like Home
Final Solution
Things Bugs Hate
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaRawson Farm


1. Find an area with no scorpions

2. Stay within range for 30 seconds


Dane Rawson at his farm northeast of Mowbray wants you to find an area around the outskirts of town that the scorpions seem to be avoiding and try to figure out why they are.


Dane Rawson:

I appreciate you thinning out the scorpions a bit, but I'm afraid we're going to need a more permanent solution. I've heard that smoke keeps insects away but I'm afraid to light a fire, because if the Judges see the smoke they'll find us for sure. I need to find something in the environment that may be toxic to the scorpions. If you can get close enough to the big ones, maybe you can see what plants they won't go near. I might be able to make something from the leaves.


You notice that the scorpions are avoiding the hill with the Hydra Weeds. Maybe you should bring some leaves back to Dane.

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