Fitzwarin and Peace
StartRonald Clark
EndJolene Holt
Rewards1 AP
50 Experience
ChainFitzwarin and Peace
Fitzwarin and Peace (2)
Fitzwarin and Peace (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat


Fitzwarin and Peace
Mission-Talk to Jolene Holt

Talk to Jolene Holt about the council's decision to eliminate the Fitzwarin,



So you had a run-in with this Fitzwarin person. Unfortunately, you're not alone. They seem to have been quite busy over the last few days.
Mission-What do you think they want?

I think the group has simply borrowed the Fitzwarin name to terrorize the town. Trader's Flat has some history with the real Fitzwarin menacing our trade routes and disrupting the locals in the past, so new bandit groups might want to make use of that ridiculous name once again. It's not worth trying to figure out what the hell they want; our first priority must be to eliminate them.
Mission-I see nothing wrong with what Fitzwarin is doing.
MissionXI might come back later.

fuine. If you don't want to help, we'll find someone who will. You tell Jolene that I don't care if it's really him or not. Fitzwarin and his men are going down.
Mission-I'll tell her.


Fitzwarin and Peace
I had a feeling Ronald would go after him, even if the council leaders were opposed. Fitzwarin and Ronald were friends once, you know. Before I chose Fitz over Ron. When Fitz became a guerrilla, Ron wouldn't let up about how I'd made the wrong choice.

I don't know what made him hate Fitz more - that I chose him or that he held his political principles in higher regard than my love.


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