Five Year Itch
StartAbraham Winters
EndAbraham Winters
Mission ItemsRadiation-Tainted Plant Sample
ChainFive Year Itch
Five Times the Problems
Five Times the Radiation
Five by Five
Unclean! (Outpost)
Protected Information
Information Overload
Not the One Dying
Against the Outside
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County
AreaThe Outpost DT

The conversation at the beginning is very "fragmented"!

You're not starting to feel itchy are you?
Mission-Why does everyone ask me that?
MissionXThat's kind of creepy.

You know, clones weren't supposed to end up like you. GlobalTech had no idea what they were getting into. You know all about the history of clones, right?
Mission-Yeah, get to the point.
Mission-Nope. What's the deal with clones anyway?
MissionXI'm going to talk to you later.

If you chose to answer "Yeah":

Well the system wasn't supposed to run this long with just a few LifeNet Technicians left. Not to mention all the ways you clones have managed to die. It's putting a real strain on the system.
Mission-So what, LifeNet can't handle the clones? That seems bad.

Feh, LifeNet can handle the clones as long as nothing else interferes. Now that we've got Outsiders trying to do whatever it is that Outsiders do, well, their efforts are starting to cause some real issues.
Mission-So why are you here asking questions?

I'm trying to figure out the lasting effects the clones have on the environment.
MissionXI'll be back to hear more about this later.

If you chose to answer "Nope":

Back when GlobalTech was running roughshod all over this area they needed disposable labor. Not cheap labor, but no one kicked up a fuss if say a mine caved in and a couple dozen clones died. Of course back then you didn't have ... personality.
Mission-So ... when did clones get "personalities"?

Not sure exactly. Masters was messing around with the Data Cores way back before the Dam fell. Although the Techs made some improvements their methods were on the questionable side. Course you wouldn't be here if they didn't monkey around. Ends and means right?
Mission-Great, so some evil mastermind made us. What are you doing here?

We all have interesting origin stories. I'm here researching you.
Mission-What? Why?

At this point the two strings of the conversation come together again:

I believe that you clones are contributing to the spread of mutations in this area.

Not really, it's in your DNA. I want to prove that the more you clones are around, the more Shiva's mutations will continue to warp the land.
Mission-I don't believe that's true and I'll do what I can to prove it to you.

Sooner or later another crop of mutated plantsare going to show up. Bring me root samples from them.
MissionVI can do that.
MissionXMaybe later.


Five Year Itch
Mission-0/5 Radiation-Tainted Plant Sample
Mission-Return for your reward

Collect samples from the Blighted Trees. (This mission can only be completed when the Blighted Trees World Event is active)



Did you get my plant parts?
MissionVI hope this is enough.
MissionXI'm still working on it.


Five Year Itch
These look good. I'll analyse these while you go get the next piece of the puzzle.


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