Flesh and Blood (4)
StartGraham 807
TypeAP Mission
Rewards1 AP
50 Experience
320 Chips
1x LifeNet Hacking Tool
1x Long Screwdriver
ChainWinter of Discontent
Winter of Discontent (2)
Winter of Discontent (3)
Blood Legacies
Blood Legacies (2)
Blood Legacies (3)
Flesh and Blood
Flesh and Blood (2)
Flesh and Blood (3)
Flesh and Blood (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaBarret Manor




I hope you can find these tools useful, I don't think I will have need of them in this life.


I'm Graham Winters. I remember now. Not everything - but a few things. Except, I'm not Graham Winters, either. Because Graham Winters wouldn't feel so terrible about cloning someone and killing the human original. I... I can't believe I did that. If it weren't for me, you'd likely never have been created. Are you sorry I made you?
Mission-No. I'm glad to be alive.

Maybe that's the solace I can take from this. I was a bad person. I did something horrible in arranging for the President to be replaced by a clone. But I believe that you life serves a purpose, and if that's true, then maybe my crimes are offset by the good deed of making clones like you possible. If there's any way to make up for what I did, it's by continuing to keep LifeNet up and running and keeping you alive.
Mission-Good luck, Graham. Goodbye.


Welcome to LifeNet, a subsidiary of GlobalTech. Please login.
Mission-Enter password.

Welcome back, Mr. Barrett.
Mission-Search: Operation Double Eagle.

1 file found. Open?
Mission-That is correct. Have I made myself clear?

"Today, Operation Double Eagle officially ended. I say 'officially' even though the whole damn thing was unofficial from the beginning. Graham managed to convince us all how wonderful it would be. He planned the whole thing - cloning President Hendry, assassinating him, placing our clone in the Oval Office. It was all going like Graham promised until the clone freaked out and had a complete melt-down. He had to be taken out in front of witnesses."
Mission-Scroll down.

"Graham says his next project is to clone himself and place his own mind into LifeNet. He wants to be part of the AI. He says since he knows more about LifeNet than anyone, he'll have himself cloned and make sure he's around to keep the thing running forever.

He keeps quoting that writer he likes so much, Douglas somebody - saying how we can't understand the Universe or it'll instantly disappear and something even stranger will replace it. He's crazy."


Flesh and Blood
Graham hands you some of the tools in his belt.


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