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|sector = 1
|sector = 1
|area = South Burb
|area = South Burb
|chain = Forging Enemies
|chain2 = Forging Enemies (2)}}{{Mission
|goals =
|goals =
1. Obtain 4 [[Item: Crude Shiv|Crude Shivs]]<br>
1. Obtain 4 [[Item: Crude Shiv|Crude Shivs]]<br>

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Forging Enemies (2)
StartJose Maverick
EndJose Maverick
Rewards500 Experience
10 Chips
1x Sports Gear 1 Instructions
1x Clubs 1 Instructions
1x Makeshift Weapons Instructions
ChainForging Enemies
Forging Enemies (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSouth Burb


1. Obtain 4 Crude Shivs

2. Return for your reward


Jose Maverick in South Burb wants you to make him some Shivs. You can make them yourself or buy them.


Jose Maverick:

Now that I've taught you how to make weapons, why don't you put that knowledge to good use. If you'll make me a few shivs I'll make sure that you're well paid.


Good workmanship. We should be able to fetch a good price for these.

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