Friendly Rivalry
StartSlider Bill
EndSlider Bill
TypeAP Mission
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
100 Chips
1x Snaggleface's Six-Gun
1x Snaggleface's Flak Jacket
ChainCareful Planning
All-Natural Ingredients
All-Natural Ingredients (2)
All-Natural Ingredients (3)
Feed My Frankenstein
Feed My Frankenstein (2)
Friendly Rivalry
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaPicus Ridge


1. Find the location
2. Defend your position (kill Snaggleface)

3. Return for your reward


Defend yourself.


<As Slider Bill takes the milk, you hear running footsteps.>

Slider Bill: Look out! It's Snaggleface! He's gonna try to rip off all my shit!

Defend yourself!


Wow. You're tough as shit, huh?

That bastard Snaggleface... he's been trying to horn in on my territory for weeks now. Well there's only room for one traveling merchant around here, huh?

Tell you what -- anything Snaggleface was carrying, you just take it, okay? You deserve it.

And don't worry about getting those schematics back to Willem. I think I'll deliver them to him personally... Maybe stay inside the town for a while, where it's... y'know... kind of safe.

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