Friends Like These
StartVice President Thorpe
EndTerance Bumpas
Rewards50 Experience
20 Chips
ChainThe Awful Truth
Vice is Verse Us
Carhenge II
The House on the Hill
Friends Like These
Guard Duty (Blaine)
Preferably Dead
Preferably Dead (2)
Preferably Dead (3)
Hail to the Chief
Treachery and Lies
Time LimitUnlimited


Friends Like These
Mission-Talk to Terance Bumpas

Return to Terance Bumpas in Blaine.
50 Experience
20 Chips



I'm told you've performed some valuable services for those in my employ.
Mission-I've just been trying to help out.
MissionXAw, shucks. I have to go now.

Such initiative is highly appreciated. I have always felt a great affinity for those willing to make sacrifices. Are you willing to make sacrifices to serve a higher cause, my friend?
Mission-I, uh, I guess so. What sacrifices did you have in mind?
MissionXNot on your life! See ya!

Well, if you knew--if you KNEW, beyond a shadow of a doubt--that a group of people were damaging the environment beyond repair, you'd do anything to stop them, wouldn't you? Even giving up your own life?
MissionXNo. What're you, crazy?

Even if it meant destroying those LifeNet pods from which clones like you are reborn. You wouldn't even hesitate, would you?
Mission-Well, I--
MissionXAre you HIGH?

No, no, of course you wouldn't. NONE of us would. No honest, intelligent citizen would, in any case. I'll be keeping a close eye on you from now on. You strike me as the kind of person who could be incredibly useful, should it become necessary to make, ah, sweeping changes.
Mission-You can count on me, sir.
MissionXYou're out of your freaking mind.

Very good. Very good. You may go. Return to young Terance. I'm sure he has another task for you by now.
MissionVI'll do that.
MissionXLet me out of here!


Well? Did you talk to him?
MissionVYes I did.
MissionXI'll tell you later.

Friends Like These
Isn't Vice President Thorpe the greatest? He's taken such good care of the Blaine Watch. There's not a man or woman among us who wouldn't take a bullet for him.
50 Experience
20 Chips


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