Friends in Need
StartRoger Scarborough
EndRoger Scarborough
TypeAP Mission
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
127 Chips
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaPass Chris


1. Kill 10 Brutal Throwback Hunters

2. Return for your reward


Roger Scarborough in Pass Chris wants you to kill Throwback Hunters that are surrounding a group of settlers in the hills outside town.


Roger Scarborough:

I just got word that some settlers up in the hills near here are hunkered down, under siege from a bunch of persistent Throwbacks. Jacob Method, the fella who runs this place, he'd just as soon let those settlers die. I don't hold with that. How about culling the Throwbacks from around that camp?


I always find it's true that if you do a good turn for folks, it comes back to you three-fold someday.

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