G.O.R.E.D (Los Alamos)
StartLifeNet Operator
EndLifeNet Operator
Mission ItemsRothium Fragments
Shiva Neutralizer Fragments
Coil Fragments
Rewards2 AP
1x Skull Helm
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaLos Alamos


Mission-0/1 Rothium Fragments
Mission-0/1 Shiva Neutralizer Fragments
Mission-0/1 Coil Fragments
Mission-Return for your reward

Find the hidden caches and bring back evidence of the Outsiders activities.


Hey clone, seen any Outsiders come through here?
Mission-Outsiders? Where?

Yeah, that's what I'm trying to figure out. We've had reports that they are moving large shipments through the plateau, but there are too many places they can hide.
Mission-I'm assuming you're going to ask for my help now.

Ah, yeah. We need to find those crates. The Outsiders wouldn't be stupid enough to leave their cargo behind, but look for any kind of trace evidence. Start by checking in the open areas South of Stronghold.
MissionVOk, I'll find the crates and bring back anything I can find. Any idea where to get started?
MissionXMaybe later.


This dust looks to have the chemical composition of a very rare mineral - Rothium. It can be volatile when mixed with the wrong chemicals, but it's also incredible dense and strong and hold up to extreme levels of heat. It's the kind of material you would want if you were building a really powerful weapon. If the Outsiders are collecting it, well, things are worse than we thought.



You have to destroy the Suspicious Crates and loot them, to get the items needed.

There are four versions of this mission. Which one you receive is dependent on your level, not where you accept the mission. This mission can also be both started and finished interchangeably with any of the mission givers.
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