Get Dem Bones (2)
Mission ItemsWolf Skull
Rewards500 Experience
ChainSomething Wicked
Something Wicked (2)
Drunken Tales
Drunken Tales (2)
Drunken Tales (3)
A Key to Knowledge
A Key to Knowledge (2)
Get Dem Bones
Get Dem Bones (2)
Get Dem Bones (3)
Down the Well
Down the Well (2)
Down the Well (3)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaBone Fields


Get Dem Bones (2)
Mission-Obtain 10 Wolf Skulls
Mission-Return for your reward

Bones in tannerfield wants you to search the bone piles and find him some wolf skulls down in the bone fields.
500 Experience



Hoi! So what you want from ol' Bones? Eh? Bones knows all... Bones sees all. Heh. Bones knows you've been poking around in places you shouldn't. You found the key, eh?

Watch out, Bones says, or they'll come for you. Come for you in the night they will. Don't like the day... the Pale Ones.... No, no... burns their skin it does. Bones will keep your secret, though. Bones don't speak.

You want to know more, do you? Want to know where the key will lead you to, eh? There are some very nice bones down by the Bone Graveyard. Get some for Bones, will you? Search through the old bones there and find me some nice pretty wolf skulls and maybe you'll learn ore. Maybe, maybe not? Hoi! Just get dem bones.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Get Dem Bones (2)
There you are again. Hoi! Bones didn't know if you'd come back or not. Most think Bones is crazy and don't pay him no mind. But you're a smart one, aren't you?
500 Experience


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