Good Work if You Can Get It
StartGavin Ackhart
EndUpon successfully leading Robert Elders to the waypoint
Rewards500 Experience
ChainStrangers in the Woods
Good Work if You Can Get It
The Last Watch
Touch Base
Time Limit15m
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaSettlers Camp


1. Find Robert Elders
2. Defend Robert Elders

Defeat two Vista Rangers (Level 35)
3. Escort Robert Elders to the waypoint


Good Work if You Can Get It
Gavin Ackhart wants you to escort Robert Elders to the logging camp.



Since you're out here, do ya mind helping us out a bit? One of the men here wants to get work with the loggers, but those people with the guns have been keepin' us trapped here. I'm not sure what they've got against us, but it's just not right. If you're willin' to help, talk to Robert. He'll tell you how to get to the loggin' camp.
MissionVTell me more.


Hey, you're here to help me get to the logging camp, right? We're probably going to run into some trouble, but it'll be a lot safer with the two of us than me trying to go alone.
Mission-Follow me.


Good Work if You Can Get It
Thanks. The sooner I can get to work, he better I'll be able to provide for my family.



  • Killing the Vista Rangers in this mission does *not* affect one's reputation with the Vista.
  • Be careful when defending Robert Elders as he is susceptible to friendly fire, and if shot will then be aggressive towards the player. The mission can still be completed as long as you can lead him to the waypoint... And then you can kill him.
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