Grid Paper
StartElena Winters
EndUpon finding the information
Mission ItemsCopy of GRID Email
Rewards500 Experience
ChainRun Further to Radburg
Grid Paper
Grid Bearing
Grid Buffering
Grid Blocking
Grid Circuit
- Find the First Password
- Find the Second Password
- Stop the Cloning Cycle
Grid Unlocked
Grid Heading
Grid Leak
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
Requirement(s)Level 46


Grid Paper
Mission-Find information about GRID

Elena wants you to search Radburg for information about GRID
500 Experience



I'm sorry for all the secrecy. We didn't want to alarm anyone unnecessarily. Let me fill you in on what's been going on.

You know that we've been receiving pre-Fall information from the old LifeNet facilities in the area. We;;, some of the logs we recovered from the facility north of Pitchblende mention something called GRID. The Graham in Rothium Ridge input the information into LifeNet, and Lifenet reacted very strongly.
Mission-What do you mean?
MissionXJust a second.

I mean that just the mention of GRID in the logs was enough to cause LifeNet to light up like a Christmas tree and start spitting out clones at an abnormally fast rate. The clones it created were hostile and mutated, the kind you call rotters. We were able to fivert the process from Rothium Ridge here to Radburg, but we can't stop the cloning cycle.
Mission-Why can't you stop it?
MissionXI need a minute.

It looks like there's some kind of old protected protocol LifeNet is following. The diversion of the process here isn't just because Radburg is less inhabited than Rothium Ridge; Radburg used to be called Kaiburg Labs. It was a GlobalTech science complex, and I suspect we'll be able to find more information about GRID here. And, if we're lucky, we'll find out what the protocol is that LifeNet is following and how to stop it.
Mission-What do you need me to do?
MissionXGive me a moment.

I want you to search for any information that could help. What is GRID? Who is LifeNet trying to clone and why? And most importantly, how do we stop the improper cloning cycle?
Mission-I'll see what I can find.
MissionXMaybe later.


Grid Paper
You have discovered a mass email sent from GRID to all GlobalTech employees.

"GlobalTech has abused its power! GlobalTech has abused you! Now GlobalTech must be stopped! Attached is a list of over 500 groups and individuals that GlobalTech has silenced for speaking out about its corruption. But they will not stop us. We are GRID.

You are receiving this email because you, like us, work for GlobalTech. You, like us, helped create this monster. And you, like us, now have the opportunity to destroy the beast before it kills us all."
500 Experience


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