Group Mission IconGridlock
StartElena Winters
EndUpon completing all objectives.
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsSystems Interface Device
Rewards1000 Experience
ChainRun Further to Radburg
Grid Paper
Grid Bearing
Grid Buffering
Grid Blocking
Grid Circuit
- Find the First Password
- Find the Second Password
- Stop the Cloning Cycle
Grid Unlocked
Grid Heading
Grid Leak
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
Requirement(s)Level 46


Mission-Find the location
Mission-Use the Interface Device in the first room
Mission-Use the Interface Device in the second room
Mission-Shut down the cloning cycle

Enter the old LifeNet facility in Radburg. Find the passwords to shut down the cloning cycle, killing hostile clones and avoiding electrical discharges as needed.
1000 Experience



I think I understand now. GRID was an opposition group within GlobalTech. You know, GlobalTech was extremely corrupt by the time it finally fell apart. So, GRID tried to create clones of its members, but it seems they were caught and their cloning data was sabotaged.
Mission-Why is LifeNet trying to clone them now?
MissionXI need a minute.

They probably added an activation phrase that LifeNet would recognize and begin the cycle. If they knew GlobalTech would try to stop them, they would've needed some kind of safety net. The logs from Pitchblende must've contained the activation phrase.
Mission-What about the passwords the documents mentioned?
MissionXJust a second.

Yes. It seems that the passwords are generated in the facility where the clones are being created. That makes sense, too. It means that someone from GlobalTech would have to come face to face with GRID's clones to shut down the process. Unfortunately, it also means that the cloning cycle can only be stopped from inside the LifeNet facility.
Mission-Guess you need more help.
MissionXGive me a moment.

I do. But I think it's going to take more than juat you. LifeNet has been trying to compensate for the corrupted DNA as the coning cycle continued; the clones are going to be tough to destroy. Check the consoles in the facility for passwords and deal with the clones as best you can. The continuous cloning cycle is also taking a toll on the old facility, so watch out for electrical discharges inside.
Mission-Get the passwords, shut down the cloning cycle, avoid the electrical discharges. Got it.
MissionXMaybe later.


You have found the passwords and stopped the corrupted cloning cycle. Now return to Elena.
1000 Experience




Inside LifeNet pod during this instanced mission you can get Electric debuff damage.
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