Grin and Bear It
StartRachel Tower
EndRachel Tower
Rewards1000 Experience
+1500 Vista Faction
ChainGrin and Bear It
Bearing the Brunt
Long-Held Suspicions
Trust Not to Be Trusted
Dead Means Dead
Dead Man's Hand
Aces and Eights
Sounding the Alarm (Scorcher Base)
Unleashing Hell
- Bypass Security
- Kill Research Subjects
- Kill the Region XI Commander
Flight Outta Hell
Light of Hope
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County
AreaScorcher Base


Grin and Bear It
Mission-Find the location
Mission-Track and kill Targets
Mission-Return for your reward

Rachel Tower, a Vista in Scorcher Base, wants you to hunt down and kill bear Crawford, a traitor working for the people claiming to be Vistas at the Wall.
1000 Experience
+1500 Vista Reputation



It's nice to see an eco-friendly face like yourself. The influx of clones lately has set hings all in a turmoil and not just because they're the only ones who can make it past the Wall.
Mission-What's up with that wall anyway?
MissionXSorry, can't talk now.

You must not've heard the story.

I'm from a settlement called Bellhook. About ten years ago, couple months after the envitonment started going crazy, the Judges sacked the town, and we were forced to flee north.

We were headed toward Kaibab Forest and the Gaia strongold until our scouts came back with reports of something horrible here. I never saw the worst of it, or the first burn wave, since I helped lead the migration to the New Bellhook along with out Citizen Speaker, Ray Kamp.
Mission-Why burn the land?
Mission-Citizen Speaker Kamp?
MissionXI don't mean to be rude, but I really don't care about any of this.

Why burn the land?

The plant life was carnivorous, aggressive, and growing. We had no hope of holding it back.

Kamp contacted Gaia. They couldn't help. So he made another call.
Mission-Who'd he contact?

Citizen Speaker Kamp?

Right. Kamp contacted Gaia - you see, the plant life was carnivorous, aggressive, and growing. We had no hope of holding it back, They suggested we retreat south, set up base and hunker down to wait for their reinforcements. Only...

Things were bad off and Gaia couldn't do much, so Kamp called to someone else for help.
Mission-Who'd he contact?
MissionXLook, I've got things to do. I can't stand here and chat all day.

Who'd he contact?

I don't know. All he said is that he was calling for "emergency reinforcements."

These people showed up two days later. They built the Wall -- the one up north -- within a day. A god damned day.
MissionXInteresting... but I really have to go now.

No clue. I don't know who they are, but they impressed the hell out of Kamp and his cronies. They had better equipment and were highly trained.

He's rolled over for the for almost ten years now,. But the things they're doing in our name, it isn't right.
Mission-But aren't they Vistas?

Can't be. Not anymore if they ever were, anyway. They cut off all contact with us and hired mercs to enforce the parameters around the Wall. They're cold-blooded killers, and they're defiling the Vista name.
Mission-Anything I can do to help?
MissionXI should go. See you around, Rachel.

We uncovered a scheming son of a bitch living here in Scorcher Base. Turns out, he was hired by those damn goshawks at the Wall.

His name is Bear Crawford. if you could hunt him down and take him out, you'd be doing the Vista quite a service.
MissionVYou can count on me.
MissionXMaybe later.


Grin and Bear It
He was only good for fertilizer, anyway.
1000 Experience
+1500 Vista Reputation


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