Hearns' Readers
StartAdrian Lazar
EndAdrian Lazar
Mission ItemsFractured Canine
Rewards1000 Experience
110 Chips
+1500 Traveler Faction
1x Knowledge: Illumination Mutations
ChainHearns' Readers
Shady Traders
Sad Devotion
An Unkind Cut
Ready to Read
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaCredit Bend
Requirement(s)Level 15
Welcome. If you're here to see me, you must be interested in learning about the long tradition of the Hearns family.
Mission-Sure, why not?
MissionXNot really.

Long before the Fall, the Hearns were among many clans that roamed the countryside doing odd jobs, living off the land, and occasionally performing for the buffers - locals they met in their travels. Among our kin were fortune-tellers who were renowned for insight and accracy. Most believed their talent came from wit and trickery. However, it was more than that. Shiva enhanced those abilities.
Mission-How so?
MissionXI've got to be going.

True telepathy. One of my ancestors, Simon Lazar, was the first to develop the ability. I've got relatives who claim Simon's genes are the source of all the telepaths that exist today. I doubt it, but he did have 14 children.
Mission-So, are you a telepath?
MissionXI've got something else to look into.

Well, we call ourselves "Readers". But, yes. We honor our clan's traditions and we make sure our abilities and mutagenics technology is state of the art.
Mission-How do you manage that?
MissionXI'll be going now.

The first thing our initiates must do is collect the teeth of coyotes. Some of our earliest readings were done with coyote teeth. The Reader would put the teeth in a cup, shake it, and dump the teeth into a bowl, divining fortunes from the results. Bring me a set worthy of our ancestors and I will grant you the power of Simon Lazar.
Mission-I will.
MissionXSee you around.

Hearns' Readers
Mission-0/20 Fractured Canine

Adrian Lazar in Credit Bend wants you to gather Bloody Canines for a traditional Reader ceremony.
1000 Experience
110 Chips
+1500 Traveler Reputation
Illumination Mutations Knowledge



These are fine. Not too many cracked or broken teeth, although you wouldn't want them to be too pristine, either. The mixture's ready. It's not pleasant, but you must ingest the compound whole. Once you've done that, you will be primed to accept telepathic abilities.

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