Help! I'm Being Suppressed!
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
30 Chips
+1500 Enforcer Faction
1x Knowledge: Suppression Mutations
ChainSuppressed Anger
A Favor of Favored
A New Pair of Genes
Help! I'm Being Suppressed!
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaPost 23
Hang tight while I set up the injection. You did good, Greens.
Mission-Thanks, I guess.
MissionXHold on a minute.

You're welcome. What you're about to get from me is a big change to your life. You're going to see, experience, and fight things you never thought existed. Most folks don't like people with talents like you and me, so don't run around trying to play superhero. It will get you killed, potentially permanently.
Mission-Who has a problem with mutants, anyway?
MissionXI'll be right back.

Hell, some Enforcers, for one. They associate mutation with disorder and inconformity, and that sounds a lot like the CHOTA, don't it? Suppressors like you and me are only grudgingly accepted, Greens. Remember that. As for the others? It runs the gamut, but you're apt to find more people who would string you up rather than try to understand you. So keep your mouth shit when it comes to the M-word.

Now, let me know when you're ready. This will change your life.
Mission-I'm ready.
MissionXI need some time first.

Help! I'm Being Suppressed!
Mission-Talk to Tripline

Talk to Tripline to receive the mutation injection and gain the power of Suppression.
500 Experience
1 AP
30 Chips
+1500 Enforcer Reputation
Suppression Mutations Knowledge



There. You're going to feel dizzy for a while, and that's natural. From then on, it will be as easy as breathing and blinking. Just don't stretch those new muscles too quick, because it'll tire you out fast.

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