Group Mission IconHis Conduct a Riddle (4)
StartRadley Bombay
EndRadley Bombay
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsShiva's Toxin Dispenser
Rewards2 AP
200 Experience
300 Chips
+1500 Traveler Faction
1x Slick Mover Jacket
ChainHis Conduct a Riddle
His Conduct a Riddle (2)
His Conduct a Riddle (3)
His Conduct a Riddle (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaFender Gate
Requirement(s)Level 40
One more jab at the Lightbearers and I'll set you up with a reward for all the trouble you've gone through for the Travelers in Fender Gate. I've mixed up a nasty little cocktail using those chemicals you gathered. Take it to the Lightbearer camp and use it to marinate their food.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.

His Conduct a Riddle
Mission-Food poisoned

Radley Bombay in Fender Gate wants you to pour the poison marinade on food in the Lightbearer camp outside town.
200 Experience
2 AP
300 Chips
+1500 Traveler Reputation
Items you will receive:
1x Slick Mover Jacket



Oh, now, that's awfully nice. That ought to keep them beating tracks to the outhouse for a few days!

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