Honest Work For Honest Pay (4)
StartCasey Dean Bossel
EndElnora Sue Swift
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
ChainHonest Work For Honest Pay
Honest Work For Honest Pay (2)
Honest Work For Honest Pay (3)
Honest Work For Honest Pay (4)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaTrailer Park


Talk to Ricky Ray Hardy and Elnora Sue Swift


Find Ricky Ray Hardy and Elnora Sue Swift in the Hoffa Bunker, talk to them, then kill Ricky Ray.


Casey Dean Bossel: I think you and I might be on to something here. It's hard to get good help around these parts, I'm sure you can imagine. So, in light of forming a mutually beneficial working relationship, there's a talk I need carried out. Would you like to hear more?

Player: Sure, I'm listening.

Casey Dean Bossel: I had another employee recently, a fellow named Ricky Ray Hardy. Ricky Ray worked out well for the first few months, but then he got greedy and stole some money, right out from under my nose - or so he thought.

Before I could have him dealt with, he and his woman managed to escape into the Hoffa Bunker - God only knows how - where I believe they've found a place to hide and survive amid all the mutants. I would like you to track them down, find out what they have to say for themselves, then kill Ricky Ray.

Player: Whoa, now hold on. I don't even know this guy. Why should I kill him? he's never done anything to me.

Casey Dean Bossel: Well, for one thing, I'm asking you to. No, better than that, I'm PAYING you to. But if you need more motivation, Hardy turned out to be the worst kind of riff-raff. I discovered that before he worked for me, he was part of the Ngiht Wolves, waylaying innocent travelers on the highway.

That man is a thief and a murderer, and he needs to be put down. Are you up for it or not?


Yeah, all right? I'll do it.


Elnora Sue Swift: This is about Ricky Ray, isn't it?


I need to talk to you.


This is about Ricky Ray, isn't it?

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