If the Shoe Fitzwarin (2)
StartMory Hartly
EndUpon reaching the waypoint
Rewards50 Experience
ChainRaider Troubles
Raider Troubles (2)
Overdue Books
Overdue Books (2)
Overdue Books (3)
If the Shoe Fitzwarin
If the Shoe Fitzwarin (2)
If the Shoe Fitzwarin (3)
Let Slip the Dogs of Fitzwarin
Let Slip the Dogs of Fitzwarin (2)
All Fair in Love and Fitzwarin
All Fair in Love and Fitzwarin (2)
Fitzwarin Council
Fitzwarin Council (2)
Fitzwarin Council (3)
Fitzwarin Council (4)
Fitzwarin Council (5)
Fitzwarin Council (6)
Fitzwarin Crimes
Fitzwarin Crimes (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat
If the Shoe Fitzwarin (2)
Mission-Find the location
Mission-Track and kill Fitzwarin

Mory Hartly has pointed out a location west of Repository that is rumored to be Fitzwarin's base.
50 Experience


Fitzwarin was a villain to the leadership of Trader's Flat but a hero to travelers, wanderers, and outcasts. There's plenty of solid evidence that he and his gang all dressed similarly, so it made it seem like Fitzwarin was everywhere and unkillable. They managed to create some difficulty or Trader's Flat for a while, and were successful in seeding some distrust of the town's leaders.
Mission-Why the name Fitzwarin?
MissionXI'm not interested.

I did some research and found out that one of the people the Robin Hood legend was based on was a guy named Fulk Fitzwarin. So maybe that's the connection. Or maybe it really was his name. Whatever the reason, the name stuck, even after clear evidence that it wasn't an individual but a group. The name just had that legendary ring to it, you know?
Mission-Why has he targeted Trader's Flat?
MissionXYeah. Whatever.

The leader of Trader's Flat run a very tight ship, and there will always be people suspicious of such places. You passed through Northfields, right? Maybe Fitzwarin thought these folks were going to turn into something like the Union. And if he did see himself as some kind of Robin Hood, maybe he thought of them like his personal Prince John.
Mission-You keep using past tense. You think he's dead?
MissionXI'm not interested.

Any new stories or sightings about him dried up around five years ago, so I figure he's dead or retired. Of course, his sudden disappearance at the time only fueled the legend. Nowadays, his name is used mostly as a joke.
Mission-Could he still be alive?
MissionXOkay. Thanks.

This note you found seems more like a copycat trying to ride the legend, but if you want to check out a location rumored to be Fitzwarin's base, I can point the way for you. It's an old collection of wooden shacks deep in the forest near Trader's Flat.
Mission-I will do it!
MissionXMaybe later.

If the Shoe Fitzwarin (2)
You find the location Mory marked on your map. At first glance, it appears abandoned, but then a loud gunshot echoes through the woods and the bullet whizzes past your head. You look around, ready for combat, and glimpse a figure darting away through the woods.
50 Experience

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