Group Mission IconIn the Master's Footsteps
StartSister Ziri
EndUpon leaving the clinic
TypeAP Mission
Group Mission
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
ChainReason to Doubt
Hidden Truth
- - Find the Lab
- - Kill the Experiments
- - Find the Experimental Data
- - Find the Work Sample
Hidden Truth (2)
In the Master's Footsteps
- - Go to the Lobby
- - Kill the Brightest Flame
- - Confront Brother Galyan
No Reconciliation
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaHaven Clinic


In the Master's Footsteps
Mission-Go to the Haven Clinic
Mission-Go to the Lobby
Mission-Put out the Brightest Flame
Mission-Kill Brother Galyan
Mission-Leave the Haven Clinic

Sister Ziri wants you to kill Brother Galyan and the Brightest Flame sympathizers in the clinic.
500 Experience
1 AP



Oh, no. No. This is what I was afraid of. Every scientist here knows that number. Subject 109 was Shakti, when Alec Masters' Techs had her in their lab. This must be a sample of her DNA! And he's making monsters down there, and he's even HIDDEN the writings that warn against belief in mutant superiority--It's not too hard to put together, is it? What Galyan's done might be forgivable -- maybe -- but it can't go on. He's probably enhanced his own mutations too, and given what's happened to his other We can't allow this. Go kill them, Galyan and the Brightest Flame who've taken over the clinic. If that seems harsh, think about this: those things you saw in his lab probably started out unwilling human subjects.
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


In the Master's Footsteps
The clinic, once a symbol of hope and peace in the province, appears tainted and dark as you exit, as if just knowing what had been happening there changed its appearance in your mind.
500 Experience
1 AP


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