Incident at Pass Chris (2)
StartSerena Nova
EndSerena Nova
Rewards500 Experience
65 Chips
1x Padded Helmet
ChainGuns of Heaven
The Truth about CoGs
The Truth about CoGs (2)
The Truth about CoGs (3)
Kingman Bound
Lost and Found
Incident at Pass Chris
Incident at Pass Chris (2)
Army Training, Sir!
Army Training, Sir! (2)
Army Training, Sir! (3)
Army Training, Sir! (4)
Army Training, Sir! (5)
Escape from Pinkston
The Watchtower Code
The Watchtower Code (2)
Time LimitUnlimited


1. Kill 12 Quaestors

2. Return for your reward


Find and Kill the CoG Quaestors east of Pass Chris for Serena Nova.


Serena Nova: Speak up, stranger. What brings you to Pass Chris?

Player: I'm trying to figure out some things about CoGs.

Serena Nova: Really. Are you trying to figure out how to kill them all? Because that would really help us out around here.

Player: Why? What's going on?

Serena Nova: It's like the universe decided the town didn't have enough problems. These raiders - and yes, I'm calling them raiders, because that's what these cretins are - they claim to be something called "Quaestors." I don't know what that means, but it doesn't matter. If I could find them I'd kill them with my bare hands, one by one.

Player: What are they doing?

Serena Nova: They've been ambushing citizens, dragging them up into the hills, and...I don't want to go into exactly what they've done. But they seem to think they're "punishing" people for something. And their way of punishing them is to torture people to death. Slowly. Sometimes over days.

Player: You can't find them?

Serena Nova: It's the same story here as everywhere else: we can't spare the manpower. Pass Chris is a sweet little burg, and people from all over the Province have their eyes on it. If we sent out a big enough group to find these slimeballs, we'd leave the town undefended. Although...if a very small party went out looking, stayed quiet, didn't let them know they were coming...that might get the job done.

Player: Wait, now - I didn't come here to be some kind of one-person posse.

Serena Nova: That's fair enough. Why DID you come here?

Player: I think the CoGs are planning something bad. Maybe something really, really bad.

Serena Nova: Bad. For the whole Province, you mean.

Player: Maybe, yeah.

Serena Nova: So you don't want to help us stop a small group of torture-killers, because it's distracting you from your big, noble mission. You can't take the time to help the little people because thousands of souls are depending on you. Wow, you're a real hero. Someone should build a shrine. Tell you what, hero. What if I paid you? Think you could lend a hand then?


...Yeah. I'll find these Queastors for you and get rid of them.


Serena Nova: Got it done?




Thanks, stranger. You've made Pass Chris a safer place. And, if you really are trying to do something good for the Province...I might know something else that'll help you.

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