Insecurity Blanket
StartBob Falkenberg
EndBob Falkenberg
Mission ItemsAmy Falkenberg's Quilt
Rewards500 Experience
127 Chips
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaMurphy Refugee Camp


1. Find the quilt

2. Return for your reward


Bob Falkenberg, in the refugee camp outside Murphy, wants you to find his wife's missing quilt in the Throwbacks' camp nearby.


Bob Falkenberg: I'm in serious trouble with my wife. Maybe you can help get me out of it.

Player: That depends. What did you do, exactly?

Bob Falkenberg: Well, we were having a picnic on the hill the other day, trying to make the best of a bad situation, you see. A couple of Throwbacks come roaring up the hill. I grab her by the hand and we run for our lives. Problem is, I left the quilt behind. The Throwbacks grabbed the quilt. It belonged to Amy's mother.

Player: It's just a blanket, man. We've got bigger problems to deal with in this world than that. Get some perspective.

Bob Falkenberg: Try telling that to Amy after nightfall. Temperatures get pretty cold around here.


All right, all right. I'll track down the quilt.


Bob Falkenberg: You're a lifesaver. Thanks for getting the quilt back for me!


Don't mention it. To anyone. Thanks.


You've been a big help. I know a quilt's not that huge a thing to someone like you, but it matters to us. We've lost so mcuh already. We want to hold on to the few things we've still got left.

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