Interrupted Journey
StartBattered Journal
EndRoy Federman
Rewards500 Experience
300 Chips
ChainInterrupted Journey
Search Pattern
Excess Baggage
Scouting the Judges
Liberating Enola
After the Rescue
Back to Camp
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorAlpha County


Interrupted Journey
Mission-Talk to Roy Federman

In the Alpha Zone town of Shackleton, you happened upon the journal of a woman named Enola Orleans. The book mentions a man named Roy Federman, who she last at the refugee aid station northwest of town. He might know more about her.
500 Experience
300 Chips



The battered cover of this book is labeled: "ENOLA ORLEANS -- MEMORIES"
Mission-Open the book.
MissionXClose the book.

The journal is divided into several subsections.
Mission-Siller's Canyon
Mission-Omega Zone
Mission-Theta Zone
Mission-Epsilon Zone
Mission-Alpha Zone
MissionXClose book.

Judges again. This time in a place called End Run. They're as bad an infestation as the freakish plants everyone keeps burning here. Dad's furious with me. I didn't have any choice but to kill that courier. He had supplies. Food's hard to come by here. The shipment didn't have food, though. Each box contained several vials full of chemicals. Roy Federman is a chemist in these parts; maybe he can tell me more about it.
Mission-Guess I'll talk to Roy Federman and see what he knows about Enola Orleans and the chemicals she found.
Mission-Read another section.
MissionXClose book.


Where'd you find that journal?
MissionVOn the ground in Shackleton.
MissionXMaybe we should talk later.

Interrupted Journey
I don't think she'd just leave this lying around. Something's wrong.
500 Experience
300 Chips


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