Into The Hive (2)
StartBrian Hammond
EndBrian Hammond
TypeAP Mission
Group Mission
Rewards1 AP
500 Experience
240 Chips
1x Snail Gas Card
1x Snail Gas Card
1x Spider Hill Trophy
ChainSpider Hill Horror
Caught in the Web
Caught in the Web (2)
Caught in the Web (3)
Grim Task
Grim Task (2)
The Broodmothers
The Broodmothers (2)
Power Surge
Power Surge (2)
Power Surge (3)
Power Surge (4)
Power Surge (5)
Into The Hive
Into The Hive (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSpider Hill


Return to Brian Hammond


Return to Brian Hammond near the electrical towers in Spider Hill.


As soon as I saw you coming, we threw the switch topside here and the tower sparked to life. You hear that? That's right; you don't hear nothing! This is the quietest power station I've never heard! Here, I found some of these cards. You should go down to the main pumps and see if you can get some gasoline from them. We're making a break ASAP. Jsut got a few last things to take care of first.

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