Into the Rat's Refuse
StartPaul Jacobsen
EndUpon killing Stinky
Mission ItemsPaul's Wedding Ring
Rewards500 Experience
ChainRats in the Refuse
Into the Rat's Refuse
Into the Rat's Refuse (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaSouth Burb
Requirement(s)Level ??


Into the Rat's Refuse
Mission-0/1 Paul Jacobsen's Wedding Ring

Recover Paul Jacobsen's wedding ring from Stinky the rat near the garbage truck on the hill.



So, the other day I was out in the shed tinkering with the tractor. I'm hopin' to get that ol' thing up and runnin' one day. I know, I know...It's a pipe dream. But it sure would make the missus happy. there I am workin' and ol' Stinky comes up and snacthes up my wedding ring and runs off, quick as a blink. Now Stinky is the biggest, meanest of all the rats. He lives up on the hill, north west of here. I keeps my wedding ring on a chain because of the arthritis in my hands, and damn if he didn't just jump up and steal it.

I was wonderin' if you'd be willing to hike up there and poke around the dump truck and see if you can find it? Be careful though. The rats up there on the hill are a mite bit meaner. They'll take a bite out of you soon as look at you. And Stinky...well, he's one tough bastard!
MissionVTell me more.
MissionXNo thanks.


Yeah, I know it smells really bad up there. But I really need that ring back.
MissionXSee you around.


Into the Rat's Refuse
You found the ring on Stinky's body.


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