It's Lourdes, not Linda!
StartArchivist Lourdes Silva
EndBookbinder Felix Melendez
Rewards100 Experience
100 Chips
ChainThe Kaibab Omnibus
It's Lourdes, not Linda!
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat
Look at this poem! "Roses are red. I want you in bed. Linda, my love. You smell like a dove". What the hell does that mean? Do doves even smell good? Besides, Felix is allergic to feathers!
Mission-That's awful.
MissionXThat's really awful.

You think I should give Felix a chance to explain? I don't know. I do kind of like him. Actually, I liked him a lot before the poem thing. I hate to act like a teenager, but would you go talk to him for me?
MissionXNo way.

MissionVLourdes sent me. Why'd you give her a poem addressed to "Linda?"
MissionXSorry to bother you, Felix.

It's Lourdes, not Linda!
Mission-Talk to Felix Melendez

Talk to Felix Melendez of the Archive Coalition in Trader's Flat about the poem he gave to Lourdes Silva.
100 Experience
100 Chips



Linda? Who the... Oh, no! It's Biff! I'm going to kill him! I can't write love stuff, so I bought the poem for this guy, Biff Lombardo. He wrote it for a woman named Linda Styles, but she didn't want him. She joined the Techs and left him in the lurch. I didn't know the poem had her name in it, though! I'll go get some flowers and chocolates for Lourdes and see if she'll forgive me. Please take these chips as thanks.

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