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Kaibab Ballistics Set
StartArchivist Nita Woods
EndArchivist Nita Woods
Mission ItemsKaibab Ballistics Set
RewardsChoose one:
2x Scrap Wires
5x Improved Coal
4x Common Copper
ChainKaibab Ballistics Set
Kaibab Ballistics Set (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat
Oh, heavens. Am I glad to see you! The Outsider guards come by every day asking for combat-related Sets. I've told them I can't sell them what I don't have, but lately they've gotten very pushy! I don't know why. They seem to have better gear than anyone else in the area already. I really hope you've got bound Armorcraft, Ballistics, or Weaponry Sets.
Mission-.pngI have a Ballistics Set.
MissionX.pngI'll talk to FeliMissionX.png.

Perfect. Let me get your payment together.
MissionX.pngActually, I'll keep this Set.

Kaibab Ballistics Set
Mission-.png0/1 Kaibab Ballistics Set

Give Nita Woods the Kaibab Ballistics Set.
You choose one of the following:
2x Scrap Wires
5x Improved Coal
4x Common Copper



You know my cousin Buck Perry in New Flagstaff? He's having a similar problem with the Union wanting his Sets. Seems like whoever is in charge always favors the combat-oriented books.