Landing the Fish (2)
StartEdward Boswell
EndRamon Scalfi
Mission ItemsBrainwave Amplifier Prototype
Rewards1 AP
600 Experience
520 Chips
+5000 Traveler Faction
1x Yavapai Sporting Gun
ChainBarred Winner
Barred Winner (2)
Brainwave Amplifier
Brainwave Amplifier (2)
Brainwave Amplifier (3)
Brainwave Amplifier (4)
Brainwave Amplifier (5)
Brainwave Amplifier (6)
Speculation 101
Speculation 101 (2)
Speculation 101 (3)
Speculation 101 (4)
Speculation 101 (5)
Speculation 101 (6)
Speculation 101 (7)
Setting the Hook
Setting the Hook (2)
Casting the Line
Casting the Line (2)
Landing the Fish
Landing the Fish (2)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaBanker's Hole
Requirement(s)Level 35

Well, professor, the mighty industrial-strength brainwave amplifier prototype is ready for distribution to your favorite customer, Ramon Scalfi. Let's see how he likes this worthless piece of shit.
Mission-I'm laughing all the way to the bank.
MissionXI have something else to do.

Landing the Fish
Mission-Take prototype to Ramon Scalfi

Edward Boswell in Banker's Hole wants you to deliver the brainwave amplifier to Ramon Scalfi.
600 Experience
1 AP
520 Chips
+5000 Traveler Reputation
Items you will receive:
1x Yavapai Sporting Gun


Uh, wow, that was pretty quick turnaround...
Mission-I don't screw around when someone makes an investment, Ramon. It's a prototype, so you might find a bug here and there, but it's functional.
MissionXActually, it still needs tweaking. I'll check back in later.

Bugs? Bugs, you say? What kind of bugs? It's just a brainwave amplifier, right?
Mission-Maybe the right term I'm looking for is "undocumented features".
MissionXIt's junk, Ramon.

Like what? What'll it do?
Mission-Well, it's designed to make you use 60 percent of your brain, rather than 10. However, it can lead to unintended side effects, such as prognostication, telepathy and dreams about badgers.
MissionXIt won't do anything. It's a piece of crap.

That doesn't sound so bad! I'm looking forward toward the results.
MissionVGreat. Enjoy life as a brainiac, Ramon.
MissionXI'm getting out of here now.


I feel smarter already! Let me tell you my theories on trickle-down economics in the post-Fall world. It all starts with putting a bucket of lard above a door. Anytime someone opens that door - wait, no, that's not it. We start by taking a sack of chips and throwing it in the air above a camp full of prairie chickens. Hrm. Maybe. No. Wait. Let me start over.

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