Lest Ye Be Judged
StartGeorge LeTupac
EndGeorge LeTupac
Mission ItemsJudges' Handkerchief
Rewards500 Experience
Time LimitUnlimited
AreaLeTupac Farm


1. Obtain 5 Monogrammed Kerchiefs

2. Return for your reward


Kill Judges in the house to the northeast of the LeTupac farm and bring proof of their deaths back to George LeTupac.


George LeTupac:

Ah, greetings, wayfarer! Welcome, welcome to the Manor LeTupac. I am George LeTupac, owner and proprietor, and sadly a lone pilgrim on the quest to restore some semblance of order and dignity to the noble profession of chicken fartming. I certainly got no help from our southerly neighbors, the Geaumonts. Slovenly they are, jsut slovenly. No breeding, I say. Their family name means nothing... whereas my family and I are named for one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century! Even worse than the Geaumonts, though, some of those "Judge" individuals have moved into the house to the northeast. They've already vandalized me once. Kind sojourner, would you be so gracious as to go and kill a goodly number of them for me? Also, they made off with five of my best monogrammed kerchiefs, and without them I just don't feel civilized. You'll get those back for me, won't you?


Oh, jolly good, jolly good indeed! You are most formidable!

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