Let's Get This Over With (2)
StartJon Dawkins
EndUpon killing Ballsy Frank
ChainA Bit of a Pickle (Vistas)
Green Works
Tracking the Prey
Through the Looking Glass
The Common Good
Natural Selection
Let the Bedbugs Bite
Dust to Dust
Let's Get This Over With
Let's Get This Over With (2)
Let's Get This Over With (3)
Let's Get This Over With (4)
Time LimitUnlimited


Let's Get This Over With
Mission-Talk to (and kill) Ballsy Frank

Talk to Ballsy Frank in the Mumford house.



  • Upon speaking with Ballsy Frank:
You. Why does it gotta be you? Holy damn, this is twisted. These arrogant shits call a meeting for truce, and they send killers in their place. It ain't right.
Mission-I agree. It ain't right.
MissionXI'll be right back.

But you know what? I'm a bit hurt. You were supposed to bring a peace offer to Dawkins, and instead, you probably just used it for booZe and head candy
Mission-I brought Dawkins the peace offer! It just pissed him off!
MissionXI'll be right back.

Whatever. All this fighting... it was fun, but you were supposed to keep off my business. I said I'd stay outta your way if you stay outta mine. Guess what. You forgot your end of the deal, and now I've gotta make you pay.
MissionV(Defend yourself)


Let's Get This Over With
Ballsy Frank is sprawled on the floor covered in blood, his eyes misty and dilated. You hear someone coming in the front door.


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