Group Mission Icon.pngLight the Darkness (Trader's Flat)
StartBearer Thea
EndUpon completing the objective
TypeGroup Mission
Mission ItemsCandle
Rewards500 Experience
ChainLight the Darkness (Trader's Flat)
Light the Darkness (Trader's Flat)(2)
Time LimitUnlimited
SectorKaibab Forest
AreaTrader's Flat
Requirement(s)Level 30
Happy First Night! You know, this season has always been important in the world. Many religions and groups celebrated during this time, and we Lightbearers would like to bring back one of the most ancient of these traditions.
Mission-.pngWhich one?
Mission-.pngI know. And I'm ready to help.
MissionX.pngBah Humbug.

Bringing light into the darkness. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, when darkness seems as if it will engulf the world. Yet, the moment the darkness is most powerful is also the moment of its demise, for after that night, the light returns and becomes strong again.

Many people used to celebrate this natural occurrence by bringing light into the dark corners of the world. Perhaps you'd like to celebrate with us?
Mission-.pngYes. I would.
MissionX.pngNo. Thanks.

I'm glad. Take this candle into the mine near Trader's Flat and light it when you reach the deepest point. You must not succumb to the darkness, or you will fail this task. The journey may be dangerous, but this is also a season of friendship, so you may wish to bring your allies with you.
Mission-.pngOkay. I'll do it.
MissionX.pngNo. Thanks.

Light the Darkness
Mission-.pngUse the candle

Bearer Thea wants you to enter the mine near Trader's Flat and light the candle she's given you. If you die, you will fail this mission.
500 Experience



The light of the candle makes the darkness feel less oppressive.



  • This mission was only available during the 2009 and 2018 First Night event.
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